Should I try the Vibracussor for spinal adjustment?

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The Vibracussor is a trademarked tool used in spinal adjustment, as well as in a range of other musculoskeletal conditions. Just like a massage works on soothing stiff muscles, the Vibracussor applies pressure on soft tissue, encouraging tight fascia to release tension. It is deeper and more intensive than massage and has significantly more impact.

spinal adjustment

How does it work?

The Vibracussor uses a drumming movement, with the heads of the device striking the muscle very lightly and very fast to create waves. These waves permeate deep into the fascia or soft tissue of the body. The chiropractic practitioner holds the device against the affected part allowing the waves to release pain and tightness.

How does the Vibracussor therapy help in spinal adjustment?

The chiropractor usually deals with hard muscles, bones, and joints. While the intensity of the Vibracussor can be adjusted to deliver stimulation to the fascia (the tissue that surrounds the outside of the muscles) or to go deeper, it cannot treat bone or joint problems.

However, the Vibracussor is used before spinal adjustment to help the muscles become pliable and soft. When muscles are tight, they can be easily damaged or strained.  For the professional about to perform any kind of spine chiropractic care, limber muscles are much easier to treat, offer less resistance and usually result in more effective treatment. The movement of the Vibracussor also increases blood circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in recovery and healing.

Which conditions can the Vibracussor therapy treat?

The Vibracussor therapy works well on localized or referred pain of the muscles and is considered an effective way to treat minor complaints like frozen shoulder, stiff joints of the legs and arms, post-sport muscle fatigue, as well as spasms of muscles. It is also helpful for issues related to lymphatic circulation or to help increase blood flow in muscles.

Those with the following conditions may find the Vibracussor therapy helpful:

  • Myalgia
  • Breaking up scar tissue in muscle injuries
  • TMJ (jaw) conditions
  • Joint pain caused by tightness in surrounding muscles
  • Extremely fatigued muscles
  • Lymphatic impairment
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Ligament tears

How safe is the Vibracussor therapy for spinal adjustment?

When it comes to muscle pain, the first preference is to try non-invasive treatment, physiotherapy, and targeted therapies to eradicate the cause. The Vibracussor is like a more intensive form of massage and is a good alternative to surgery or even painkiller injections. 

The Vibracussor therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis at your local chiropractic clinic, and is not painful, although those sensitive to pressure might find it uncomfortable. Those who have undergone Vibracussor treatment report it to be quite relaxing.

What to expect in your first Vibracussor session

When you visit the chiropractor, he or she will assess you to discover if you can safely receive Vibracussor treatment or spinal adjustment. You may be asked to get tests or even an x-ray or scan if any problems are suspected. You do not need to be undressed for your Vibracussor session, but you should wear comfortable clothing, preferably in soft cotton.

Depending on the position of the affected area, you may be asked to lie down or to sit up for the treatment. The chiropractic practitioner will then apply the Vibracussor to your muscles and you’ll be able to feel it pumping or tapping at your muscles. It will feel quite relaxing, and you should be able to feel the difference soon after. The practitioner may check with you periodically about adjusting or increasing the pressure.

After your treatment, if you have very sensitive skin, you might experience some soreness or redness at the site of the treatment. The Vibracussor helps to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, so make sure to drink plenty of water after your treatment. This helps flush your system and lubricate your muscles and joints.

How to relieve tight muscles naturally

Stiffness in muscles is natural if you have recently worked out or had some kind of physical exertion. However, if you’re experiencing regular tightness in your muscles (without any major health conditions that are causing it), it could be caused by stress and anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, or a desk job.

Muscles that remain tight can cause health problems. Stiffness in the fascia exerts pressure on nerves, impacting the flow of circulation or even causing incorrect posture. Over the long term, this can lead to chronic pain.

A simple gym routine can help relax the tension and tone your body. Yoga is an excellent way to lengthen and increase flexibility in those muscles and teaches you how to regulate and use breathing to calm stress. But any exercise regime you choose sends freshly oxygenated blood through your body, relieves stiffness, helps you work off the stress, and has several other health benefits.

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You could also try regular massage for immediate relief. An aromatherapy massage is great for those who are new to massage and are looking for a stress-buster. Deep tissue massage is suitable for those who are not ticklish and prefer firm pressure. Ayurvedic spa treatments like abhyanga can be very soothing, with effects that last for days. 

There are also a few simple ways to ensure overall muscle health. Dehydrated muscles become ropy and brittle, and are prone to soreness or even injury. By simply drinking plenty of water, you could stave off muscle pain. A warm bath before bedtime, reducing the number of pillows on your bed, and reducing your use of phones and laptops can add to your overall muscle health.

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