Your plan for healthy ageing should start today

healthy ageing plan

By the year 2030, senior citizens in Australia are going to outnumber children between 0-14 years of age. This report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics means that as we transition into an aged population, the importance of healthy ageing continues to grow. A number of Aussies are living full and healthy lives even into […]

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How to eat more whole grain foods

how to switch to whole grains

There is a common misconception about whole grain foods and the benefits of eating more whole grains. In Australia, we tend to associate grains as being sourced from wheat. But like fruit and veggies, grains have a mind boggling array of varieties and sources, each with its own unique taste and nutrient profile. So what […]

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Should you switch to a plant based diet?

switching to plant based

Plant-based diets including vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have risen in popularity over the last few years. In 2019 alone, about two and a half million Aussies were found to be following a plant based diet. If you’re wondering about the best plant based diets for you, read on. What are plant based diets? Aussies have […]

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How Isha Kriya yoga might be your best life hack yet

why isha kriya is great for you

If we told you that spending just 18 minutes, twice a day could offer physical and mental wellbeing, would you be interested? What if we said it could bring a lasting sense of tranquility, peace and joy? Are you even more curious about this amazing secret? Read on to discover the magic of Isha Kriya […]

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Get happy feet with a pedicure at home

pedicure at home cover

Your feet are one of the most overworked and under-appreciated parts of your body. They are subjected to years and years of walking and running, improper footwear and usually a great deal of neglect. How about looking after them with a pedicure at home this weekend? While it may be a challenge to replicate the […]


Is anger turning you into a monster?

how to control anger

Anger is a strange emotion – it is as natural as joy or fear, but it can have catastrophic effects on the people around you and on your own health and mental wellbeing. Anger can be a good thing because it can help you overcome hard feelings and negative emotions. It can motivate you to […]

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What you need to know about telemedicine in Australia

what is telemedicine

In the last decade or so, medical services in Australia have undergone something of a mini revolution in terms of how they are dispensed and made available to people. With almost the whole of 2020 being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the boom in telemedicine in Australia has been brought even closer. If you’ve been […]

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Benefits of black coffee and how much is too much black coffee

morning caffeine fix

If you’re a coffee drinker, it’s likely that you’ve seen dozens of conflicting studies and scientific claims about the pitfalls and benefits of black coffee. While some Aussies swear by their daily cups of coffee because it improves their mood and kicks off the day, there are others who say it dehydrates them and makes […]