Counselling Psychology

5 mental health myths debunked

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The stigma surrounding mental health is so widespread that it isn’t confined to any one particular mental illness. It impacts people suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, and a myriad of other mental health conditions equally. This negative perception of mental health disorders and people with mental illness affects our community gravely. In […]

Bikram Yoga Yoga

26 Bikram Yoga poses & benefits

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If you are thinking about taking yoga classes, you might want to consider Bikram Yoga. It is an offshoot of the traditional hatha style of yoga, which means it involves set  poses (asanas) performed slowly and held for varying amounts of time. Breathing exercises (pranayama) are also integral to hatha styles of yoga with the ultimate aim […]

Counselling Psychology

Mental illness is real: addressing the stigma

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When a friend or loved one is physically ill or injured, we don’t brand them ‘worthless’ or ‘incompetent’. We don’t tell them “there’s nothing wrong with you”, “it’s all in your head” or “you’re making it up”. Instead, we support them and don’t blink an eye at the thought of them seeing a doctor or specialist […]

Allied Health Osteopathy

Osteopathy offers hands-on, holistic help


As kids we drank glasses of milk because our parents said they strengthen our bones. But as adults we know that sometimes we need more than a calcium fix. This is where turning to an experienced osteopath may make all the difference. In fact, osteopathy is all about restoring balance to our bodies. As such, […]

Meditation Mindfulness

Breathing exercises you need so you can breathe properly


At first, I never really put much thought into breathing. In fact, when someone pointed out that I might not be inhaling and exhaling properly I was a little dismissive. But that comment helped me start thinking about how I breathe. Interestingly, the ultimate realisation that my body had adapted to a shallow, quick style […]

Lifestyle & Nutrition Pregnancy

Your pregnancy diet – what to eat, drink and avoid when pregnant


When my mum was pregnant with me she was told not to eat fish because her child would end up with webbed fingers! While there’s nothing wrong with my fingers, I am also pretty sure it wasn’t because she didn’t eat fish. Nowadays, navigating what fish you can eat or should avoid can be tricky, […]


Shiatsu restores balance & helps your body heal


When we have back pain or joint aches we often settle for self treatment like using Voltaren or taking pain relievers. While this is welcome relief, there’s nothing but sheer agony when that bliss wears off! This is where alternative therapies like shiatsu may help. Shiatsu is a drug-free natural therapy, which is growing in […]

Allied Health Chiropractic

Aligning yourself with chiropractic care


If we play a game of word association and I ask you about chiropractic care, you’re going to say ‘bone cracking or ‘back cracking’, right? Well, stop…please! Firstly, the sound you hear doesn’t involve the cracking of bones. Secondly, the sound you may hear is actually a result of nitrogen gas being released from around your […]