Lockdown Hacks: Things to do in the New Lockdown

Second Lockdown Hacks Melbourne

It seems as though the lockdowns will never end. As stricter restrictions impact the daily lives of Aussies in many cities, have you considered the impact on your mental health? In this article, we’re going to look at a few lockdown hacks to turn the new lockdown into a more positive experience. NOTE: This article […]

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3 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat at Home

reduce belly fat at home

Are all those binge-watching sessions catching up with you? Are your waistbands starting to feel a bit tighter than usual? To reduce belly fat at home, you need to tackle the problem with three different approaches: Make healthier choices with food Choose workouts to target your belly fat Do cardio exercises for overall weight loss […]

Floatation Therapy Wellbeing

All You Need to Know About Float Therapy

floatation therapy

Imagine being weightless, warm and completely free from the outside world for an entire hour of your day. Sound like bliss? Then you should try ‘floating’ or floatation therapy. Getting your float on Floatation therapy or sensory deprivation takes place in a floatation tank filled with Epsom salt water solution – that’s what makes you […]


Reiki for kids – What to expect

reiki for kids

Reiki is an ancient form of alternative medicine that can trace its roots back to Japan. It can be broken down into two words: ‘rei’ that stands for ‘universal’ and ‘ki’ which is loosely interpreted as ‘life force’ or ‘energy’. Together, reiki stands for the universal energy or life force that is present within and […]