About Us

It was on Holiday in 2015 when our Cofounder Rohan Pardasani found himself stuck in an endless Health Hole -- searching online for literally hours on end trying to book a massage -- that Avaana was born.

After enough frustration led to defeat, Rohan and his wife Dee set out to build a platform to bring all types of wellbeing services into one place.

Very soon they found out that another frustration had been building for a long time.

The practitioners themselves, be it massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, healers, or fitness studios, were enduring The Growth Gap -- owning businesses doing what they love, but constantly asking themselves 3 questions: How do I grow my business, how do I market what I do without spending a fortune, and why is there so much white space on my calendar?

It became clear that the clients were out there, but the practitioners didn’t know how to find them. It became clear that something had to be done.

Most Aussies want things on demand, and have no time in their busy schedules for endless searching.

Enter Avaana: Australia’s only dedicated wellbeing marketplace.

If you’re stuck in an endless Health Hole, we help you find whatever service you’re looking for and easily book, in real time, with an expert practitioner or studio near you. Avaana gets you what you need, when you need it, and allows businesses to focus on what they love -- providing great care, treatment and advice.

We are changing the conversation around wellbeing in Australia, building a community of healthy living.

Avaana: Grow Without The Growing Pains.

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