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self improvement

How to deal with failure

how to cope with failure

One of the beliefs that is most harmful for your emotional wellbeing is that failing makes you a failure. While it is challenging and upsetting to learn how to deal with failure, if you try something and fail, it doesn’t make you a failure. Today we’re going to talk about taking it in your stride […]

Exercise Physiology Fitness

Four revelations from sports physiology that will make you healthier

sports physiology

What exactly is sports physiology? To understand what a sports physiologist does, one must first understand the idea of exercise physiology. Muscle and exercise physiology studies the effects of exercise on the human body. It researches and analyses the way the body changes and adapts with regular intensive exercise. It looks at how the human […]

Massage Therapy

Try these easy self massage techniques at home

self massage

Has social distancing got you missing your regular spa visit? Are you craving a foot massage? Has WFH made you long for a neck massage? Learning how to give yourself a self massage can be a great skill, especially when you’re stuck at home. These easy self massage techniques work well for the tired shoulders […]


How to handle anxiety in children

anxiety in kids

Anxiety is a necessary evil because it forms a part of our survival instinct. This is the way your brain and body respond to potential threats, telling you to overcome or run away from certain stressors. It is a normal reaction in all of us but some individuals have a quicker and more elevated reaction […]

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Eating healthy for beginners

make healthy eating choices

Eating healthy has never been easier than now, as more and more Aussies having access to a wide range of foods. But this easy access also means that customers also have access to a higher amount of junk food and unhealthy diet options. When it comes to eating healthy, the personal choices you make will […]


Physiotherapy at home – Is it right for me?

Physiotherapy at home

The arrival of the COVID pandemic on the shores of Australia signalled difficult times ahead for the alternative wellness or complementary medicine industry. As Aussies have followed social distancing norms, many wellness therapies have been moved to second priority. However there are some treatments like physiotherapy that cannot afford to be delayed. Luckily those undergoing […]


Massage or myotherapy – Which is right for me?

massage and myotherapy

Massage is the most popular form of alternative therapy and has happy customers everywhere. You don’t need to be ill or have a health complaint to book a massage appointment. Myotherapy on the other hand is a lesser known therapy that is used in specific cases. In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between […]


Lockdown Hacks: Things to do in Second Lockdown

Second Lockdown Hacks Melbourne

From the 8th of July 2020 onwards, a second lockdown was imposed in Victoria. As the number of detected cases continue to grow, it looks like even stricter restrictions may have to be set in place for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. This can have an impact on the mental health of many Melburnians, especially those […]