Understanding Chiropractic Alignment

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If we play a game of word association and I ask you about chiropractic care, you’re going to say ‘bone cracking or ‘back cracking’, right? Well, stop…please! Firstly, the sound you hear doesn’t involve the cracking of bones. Secondly, the sound you may hear is actually a result of nitrogen gas being released from around your joints when your chiropractor works their magic! Additionally, while adjustments are a major part of chiropractic care, there is so much more to seeing a chiropractor.

Ctrl, Alt, Adjustments

It’s no surprise that poor posture is a growing concern, especially when we’re constantly hunching over our laptops and phones! In fact, ‘forward head posture’ puts strain on our necks and backs. This occurs because when your head sticks out from its centre of gravity, your neck ends up carrying the extra stress. To reduce this stress and enhance your ability to think, move and perform, a back alignment may be useful.


Spinal adjustment involves the use of different techniques to apply manual pressure to move a joint beyond its usual range of motion. As with osteopathy, these techniques can include mobilisation and stretching, and more. While chiropractic adjustments are the main form of treatment used by chiropractors, chiropractors employ a holistic approach to treatment, which may include the use of other techniques including:

  • massage therapy
  • exercises
  • behaviour modification
  • lifestyle advice
  • orthotics for posture and alignment improvement
  • drop piece table technique to help mobilise a joint
  • ultrasound, laser and TENS
  • temperature therapy

Temperature therapy improves blood flow, thereby creating efficient oxygen delivery around the body. It can involve the application of ice to the muscles and tissues surrounding the spine for 10-20 minutes. It also involves the subsequent application heat, which loosens the muscles and helps with circulation. Your chiropractor can couple temperature therapy with massage therapy to decrease any residual tightness. This combination is great for stress relief.

Beyond the back pain

While chiropractic adjustments are recommended for the treatment of chronic and acute back pain, there are actually a plethora of conditions chiropractors can treat. These range from migraines to pinched nerves and plantar fasciitis to arthritis.


In fact, some presenting symptoms like insomnia and headaches may result from an underlying problem like stress. People commonly visit chiropractors to assist with all of these and more.

Chiropractic holistic health

Given the number of health conditions and symptoms that chiropractic may help with, it’s no surprise that the benefits yielded are plentiful. For example, in treating chronic stress, your chiro may help  improve your overall mental health and clarity by restoring healthy brain function and normal healing. In addition to this example, chiropractic patients have noticed other overall health and wellbeing improvements.


In addition to being qualified and experienced, chiros are also nationally registered and regulated allied health professional. They aim to relieve your pain with as little discomfort as possible.

Chiropractic practitioners take an holistic approach to health. As such, you can expect a detailed chiropractic examination at your first consultation involving the following:

Once your chiropractor has all this information, they will create the appropriate treatment plan for you or refer you on to a more suitable practitioner.

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Alex is a journalism graduate who enjoys writing about anything and everything. She has a passion for fitness, travel and finding that perfect aesthetic.

Avatar for Alex Duffy

Alex is a journalism graduate who enjoys writing about anything and everything. She has a passion for fitness, travel and finding that perfect aesthetic.

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