Mindfulness self improvement

How to improve concentration and focus

how to improve concentration

Attention economy is the new buzzword in this age of endless distractions and hyper-sensory stimulation. It states that focus is the bottleneck of human thought which limits our cognitive abilities. This highlights the importance of knowing how to improve concentration in today’s world. It is hard to maintain focus when we are overwhelmed with information […]


Self care tips to take better care of yourself

self care tips

In the last year, self care tips have become more important for people as they deal with the pandemic, isolation and loneliness, anxiety, financial insecurity, and health issues. All of us have become more concerned about our physical, mental and emotional health. The best self care tips are the ones that help you become the […]

self improvement

Low-cost hobbies to try at home

hobbies to try at home

With all of us spending so much more time at home than usual in 2020, hobbies have become more mainstream. We haven’t had the freedom to catch a movie, eat at a restaurant or go to parties, but we’ve been able to cultivate a few new hobbies of our own or revisit old ones. COVID-19 […]

Deep Tissue Massage Massage Therapy Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage: Learn the Difference

remedial massage vs deep tissue

Remedial massage therapy seems to be available around every corner. For this reason, we often choose remedial massage therapists spontaneously without completely understanding what it is or what it is good at treating. In fact, it wasn’t until I tried different types of massage that I realised that remedial massage is more beneficial for me […]

self improvement

How to deal with failure

how to cope with failure

One of the beliefs that is most harmful for your emotional wellbeing is that failing makes you a failure. While it is challenging and upsetting to learn how to deal with failure, if you try something and fail, it doesn’t make you a failure. Today we’re going to talk about taking it in your stride […]

Exercise Physiology Fitness

Four revelations from sports physiology that will make you healthier

sports physiology

What exactly is sports physiology? To understand what a sports physiologist does, one must first understand the idea of exercise physiology. Muscle and exercise physiology studies the effects of exercise on the human body. It researches and analyses the way the body changes and adapts with regular intensive exercise. It looks at how the human […]