self improvement

How to deal with failure

how to cope with failure

One of the beliefs that is most harmful for your emotional wellbeing is that failing makes you a failure. While it is challenging and upsetting to learn how to deal with failure, if you try something and fail, it doesn’t make you a failure. Today we’re going to talk about taking it in your stride […]

Exercise Physiology Fitness

Four revelations from sports physiology that will make you healthier

sports physiology

What exactly is sports physiology? To understand what a sports physiologist does, one must first understand the idea of exercise physiology. Muscle and exercise physiology studies the effects of exercise on the human body. It researches and analyses the way the body changes and adapts with regular intensive exercise. It looks at how the human […]

Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Natural Medicine Nutrition

Ayurvedic diet & dosha types: a beginner’s guide

ayurvedic diet

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of traditional medicine with an emphasis on prevention and a focus on mind-body synergy to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. So what is dosha? According to ayurvedic principles, each individual is born with a specific combination of three life energies called doshas. This combination of kapha, vata and […]


Top 5 Myotherapy exercises to help with daily pains


About the author: Matt Jeffers holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) and has been practicing Myotherapy for over 12 years, both in Australia and overseas. Matt owns and is available for consultation at Muscle and Move Myotherapy in Richmond and Camberwell, along with working at AFL club Richmond FC and has recently launched […]

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Massage Therapy

Try these easy self massage techniques at home

self massage

Has social distancing got you missing your regular spa visit? Are you craving a foot massage? Has WFH made you long for a neck massage? Learning how to give yourself a self massage can be a great skill, especially when you’re stuck at home. These easy self massage techniques work well for the tired shoulders […]


Mindfulness meditation for a better day

what is mindfulness meditation

Meditation has been seeing a fast-growing popularity for the last couple of decades. This ancient practice has established itself as a system that supports and strengthens your mental health and general wellbeing. Numerous studies and research over the last few decades have proven the benefits of mindfulness meditation and it is now well accepted in […]


How to handle anxiety in children

anxiety in kids

Anxiety is a necessary evil because it forms a part of our survival instinct. This is the way your brain and body respond to potential threats, telling you to overcome or run away from certain stressors. It is a normal reaction in all of us but some individuals have a quicker and more elevated reaction […]