Psychotherapy types and you

different psychological therapy types

One of the primary forms of mental health treatment available in Australia is psychotherapy. The many psychotherapy types and wide range of applications make it the tool of choice when it comes to improving the mental health of people. If you’ve been searching for mental health treatments and professionals, you’ve definitely stumbled upon psychotherapy and […]

Lifestyle & Nutrition

How to manage your home quarantine and stay sane!

how to plan quarantine

Sanitisation, social distancing and quarantine are some of the words that have become synonymous with the year gone by, all due to the spread of COVID-19. You may have been subjected to a home quarantine or know of someone who has had to undergo this form of social isolation. While it might be harsh, a […]


The best exercises for hamstrings

best exercises for hamstrings

If you were asked to do a hamstring stretch, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Bending forward from the hips and touching your toes? Most people believe that touching their toes is one of the best exercises for hamstrings but this is not always the case.  Your hamstrings are critical to all your […]


Everything you need to know about menstrual cramps

woman with menstrual cramps

If there is one experience that all women (of reproductive age) share across the planet, across cultures and borders, it is the menstrual cycle. While it is a natural process of the female body, some of the symptoms that accompany it can be unpleasant or even painful. Menstrual cramps are possibly the worst part of […]


Mindfulness meditation for kids

Mindfulness for kids

You may not associate meditation or mindfulness with kids, especially because you’re used to seeing them bouncing around all the time. You may not even think meditation is required at that young age. But reports suggest that one in seven Aussie children suffer from mental health concerns, including ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation for […]

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Eating healthy for beginners

make healthy eating choices

Eating healthy has never been easier than now, as more and more Aussies having access to a wide range of foods. But this easy access also means that customers also have access to a higher amount of junk food and unhealthy diet options. When it comes to eating healthy, the personal choices you make will […]