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Mish Khot


Yoga for neck and shoulders

We all know that crunchy, creaky feeling that develops in our necks and shoulders by the end of the day. What wouldn’t you give to have a personal masseuse knead those knots out every evening? While we can’t all afford to get massages regularly, these suggestions for yoga for neck and shoulders will make you […]


How to eat healthy snacks every day

choosing healthy snacks

When the hunger monster strikes, what choices do you make? And how are those choices affecting your health? If you’ve landed here, you already know that your snacking habits need some improvements and you’re looking for healthier versions of your daily nibbles. So what are healthy snacks and how can we make them more interesting? […]


The right way to do social distancing

right way for social distancing

If there’s one thing that has spread faster than the coronavirus itself, it is the terms associated with it. Social distancing and physical distancing are part of our everyday lives and have dictated every move we made in 2020. Both words mean the same thing but physical distancing is more descriptive because it implies that […]

Fitness Lifestyle & Nutrition

The relationship between black coffee and weight loss

black coffee for weight loss

Have you ever noticed how a discussion about coffee always has two very different sides? There are a number of studies that have been done to prove the pros and cons of coffee, and these are trotted out at every argument. When it comes to black coffee and weight loss Aussies know the benefits, but […]


How alcohol affects your body and your life

effects of drinking alcohol

We know how much Aussies enjoy a weekend beer or a quick post-work Scotch. Most Australian households spend about $32 per week on alcoholic beverages but while the majority of drinkers are responsible, it is important to understand the effects of alcohol on your system. While it may help you have a good time, alcohol […]


How yoga for breathing can make you calmer and happier

learn yoga for breathing

While yoga is usually associated with asanas and poses, yoga breathing actually occupies one of the central positions in this ancient wellness practice. Yoga breathing believes that the breath or ‘prana’ moves through energy channels known as nadis and into centres known as chakras. This flow of energy is what determines the quality of your […]


Psychotherapy types and you

different psychological therapy types

One of the primary forms of mental health treatment available in Australia is psychotherapy. The many psychotherapy types and wide range of applications make it the tool of choice when it comes to improving the mental health of people. If you’ve been searching for mental health treatments and professionals, you’ve definitely stumbled upon psychotherapy and […]