Kundalini Yoga: Experience the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga as an experience and benefits

Yoga has been gaining much popularity over the last two decades. There has been an introduction of more than 18 types of Yoga practise since then, customising to the needs of the participants. Some practices focus on the physical body while others on the emotional body. Kundalini Yoga is a blissful blend of these two worlds.

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of awareness. Yogi Bhajan took this practise to the west in 1968.  Thousands of people have known to have reached great excellence under his influence and that transformation continues till date.

Kundalini is a term used for the belief of an energy that resides at the base of our spine. Ultimately, the intention of Kundalini Yoga is to raise this energy along the length of the spine and reach your pituitary gland. It is this path that reconstructs a person’s belief system and reaches the destination of happiness.

Kundalini Yoga as an experience in a session and benefits

A traditional Kundalini class incorporates different postures, hand gestures, breathing as well as chanting. It is a science of angles and breath. Different angles and postures help create pressure on different points and meridians of the body. In effect, this pressure releases the tension from the joints and organs of the body.


In a research study, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information states how yoga asanas are accurately designed to exercise all nerves, muscles and glands. Kundalini Yoga performs these asanas with complete focus and profound awareness. Thus, in practice, it brings the nervous system and glandular system together in a harmonious way.


The breathing before, during or after an asana, not only helps with improving the blood circulation in the body and regulation the nervous system; but also brings your awareness to the present. Similar to how psychologists drive their clients to let their thoughts reside in the present moment of time to overcome certain blockages, this form of yogic practices helps us to stabilise our present situation.


Kundalini Yoga also uses Mudras in sessions. Mudras are hand gestures that are known to stimulate the pressure points of the hands that are presumed to connect to different glands. With the help of postures and mudras, the glands become completely activated for secretion, introducing a variety of positive and uplifting hormones in the body.


The chanting, whether it is different sounds or mantras, help to stimulate the upper palate of the mouth, the tongue and vocal chords. All matter vibrates to a certain frequency and we often sink down to a lower frequency due to mental stress or an illness. This internal vibration created by the body in a Kundalini Yoga class helps the cells to repair itself to its natural vibration frequency; thus, bringing back the balance, calmness and peace within the self.

A Kundalini yoga session mixes all these various guiding tools together to create a customised experience for a specific intention. Maybe, it is time to experience the journey now! We have a short practice that you can do at your home.

Kundalini Yoga- at home practiceKundalini Yoga- at home practice

  • Sit with your legs crossed, back straight and your chin pulled slightly in
  • Join your hands together at the centre of your heart as shown in the image above
  • Let your forearms be parallel to the ground
  • Touch each finger tip to the opposite hand finger tip and thumbs pressing into each other and at the sternum
  • Gently, spread your fingers, yet still pressing into each other
  • You can either close your eyes for a break from the external environment or keep yours eyes open and stare at the tip of your nose to simulate the eyes
  • Inhale deeply for 4 continuous seconds as you let your stomach expand outwards like a balloon
  • Similarly, exhale completely, this time for 8 continuous seconds and pull your stomach in
  • Continue for 2 minutes and eventually, build the time of your practise
  • Feel the change in your breathing cycle, the pressure around your fingers and the rise in energies within you

After a start to a self-meditation practise as mentioned above, it is definitely recommended to try Kundalini Yoga class. There are no eligibility criteria for your first session and the environment is warm and welcoming. A range of testimonies show how people have benefited from this practise whether with their physical health or mental well being. Just go with an open heart and accept all the gifts you may receive.

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