Facial Reflexology: How it Helps your Whole Body

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Reflexology believes that our bodies contain a vital energy constantly flowing through channels within ourselves. When this flow is obstructed and the energy begins to stagnate in one place, that imbalances begin to occur creating health problems. Facial reflexology, as you might expect, is chiefly concerned with our faces which has channels that are extremely important to making sure we stay healthy. Continue reading to find out the benefits of facial reflexology, how it can help your body, and how something as simple as massaging your face can help keep you healthy.

What does Facial Reflexology do?

Like in other forms of complementary medicine such as acupuncture, facial reflexology works by stimulating a series of pressure points across your face. These pressure points are linked to our greater body and through applying pressure, we can open up the channels within ourselves to better allow our energy to flow. As a common example of how this works, think about how we rub our heads when we have headaches. Chances are everyone has at one point practiced some form of amateur reflexology, even if they didn’t know it.

Benefits of Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology can have a variety of benefits apart from the physical limitations of our faces. After a few reflexology sessions, most can expect to have:

  • Better mood
  • Clearer sinuses
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduced anxiety, stress, and pain
  • Stronger organ functions

Is Reflexology Good for the Face?

But reflexology isn’t just all health and wellbeing benefits, as a secondary benefit having a professional work with your face for so long can even help you look better! Facial reflexology will help ease our facial muscles and stimulate blood flow. These two benefits in turn help our faces aesthetically, with benefits including:

  • Brighter eyes
  • Clearer skin
  • Less wrinkles
  • Tauter cheeks and jawlines

Reflexology good for face

Combined with the health benefits, facial reflexology becomes a matter of hitting two birds one stone. If you’ve ever wanted to relax for an hour and come out with both better health and a better looking appearance, facial reflexology might just be the one for you!

3 Common Points in Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology relies on a variety of points, each of which connects to different points in our body and gives a different benefit. However, at its core there are only three central points that you need to know. These are: 

1. Taiyang

To start is Taiyang, which is located on the sides of our temple close to our eyes. Taiyang is mostly concerned with headaches, helping relieve stress and calm our minds. Chances are if you’ve ever rubbed your forehead during a headache, that you’ve brushed over it at some point.

2. Bitong

Continuing on, Bitong is located under our nostrils, near where our face curves inwards. As you might expect from its location, Bitong helps with our noses. Rubbing Bitong can help clear congestion, calm inflammation, and help soothe seasonal ailments.

3. Yin Tang

Rounding out our trio is Yin Tang, the ‘Third Eye’ which is located on our foreheads right between our eyebrows. You might have guessed already from the name, but Yin Tang helps with our eyes, relieving tension and pressure from the area. Its also known to help clear minds.

What Tools are Used in Facial Reflexology?

While like massages, reflexology mainly focuses on using just the practitioners hands, it does also have a variety of tools. These tools often focus on creating very specific feelings or apply specific types of pressure. These tools can include:

  • Rakes
  • Rolling Tools
  • Crystal Wands

What does Facial Reflexology feel Like?

Ultimately, the purpose of facial reflexology is to help soothe where we’re most stressed. As a result while the experience can be soothing, at times it can also be painful. Your reflexologist will often check with you about your comfort level to help ease the experience as much as possible. If you’re too uncomfortable they may choose to move on and return to your sensitive points further down the session. But remember, that by working on these points of discomfort in the short term, they can help you stay healthy and beautiful in the long term.

Releasing stress with Facial Reflexology

What to Expect in your First Reflexology Session?

Before any reflexology session, your reflexology practitioner will conduct an assessment to understand if you have any health conditions that may preclude you from this treatment. Make sure to communicate openly about any health conditions you have before the session, and about any discomfort during the session. For a facial reflexology session, you can expect your practitioner to work on your face, ears, neck, and head.

For a facial reflexology session you do not have to undress in any way. However you should make sure not to wear any facial jewelry. These can include earrings, necklaces, and any form of facial piercings.

First Reflexology Session

A session usually takes 30-60 minutes, and could take place in a dimmed room. Some practitioners will play soft music in the background to help you relax.

Many people report feeling lighter, more ‘opened up’, or even experience a tingling feeling, as if the energy flow is faster and better. Most also sleep better after the session. Though there are some who report feeling restless, as if the increased energy flow is keeping them awake.

Remember to drink plenty of water after your session! This will help your body to eliminate toxins as it re-balances itself to help ensure long term results.

Reflexology is Not a Cure-all

Reflexology is a wellness therapy, not a cure for serious complaints or conditions. It can help reduce some of the symptoms of serious diseases, such as nausea in patients receiving chemotherapy. It is also not recommended for those with the following conditions:

  • Blood Clots
  • Diarrhea 
  • Fever
  • Open wounds
  • Skin infections

Where to Start?

If you would like to consult a reflexologist in your area, Avaana can help you! Compare and contrast your local reflexologists to find the best one for you. And if you book with Avaana today, you can even enjoy up to 20% off your first booking.

Be well, feel good, and smile a lot! 

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