Understanding What is Reiki

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Reiki can help you feel rejuvenated when you’re just not feeling right. This Japanese healing practice follows the belief that we have energy flowing through us. Further, this energy is a spiritual, universal force that keeps us balanced. Factors like stress and trauma disrupt this energy flow and can cause physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

How can reiki help?

Reiki is usually practiced in a quiet, peaceful environment by a Reiki practitioner. Practitioners have undergone attunement, so they are able to transfer universal energy to other people. This transfer occurs through the hands by light, non-invasive touch to parts of the body. The transfer of energy can help clear any blocked energy pathways to ensure balance and harmony are restored. The practice is highly spiritual, but not religious in nature, so it can be administered on anyone.


Benefits aplenty

Typically when we feel unwell we take over the counter or prescribed medicine. But what if we took a step back and asked, “Could stress from the daily grind be disrupting my energy flow and making me sick?”

Reiki may help accelerate the healing process and relieve pain after injury or surgery. This can lead to a faster recovery. It can also assist in the management and treatment of a range of physical, mental and emotional conditions.


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