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Sinead Horne

Exercise Physiology

Exercise is the best medicine; exercise physiology is the answer


Getting active and fit is sometimes easier said than done. So many questions run through our heads (often to our detriment)! Where do I start? How heavy should my weights be? Should I do low or high impact exercises? Do I have to work out at the gym? Maybe I should wait until later? And […]

Pilates Yoga

Yoga vs Pilates – Which is best for you?


From an outsider’s perspective, yoga and pilates seem like pretty much the same thing. It’s true that they both involve a lot of crazy looking positions, but there is so much more to them and some major differences too. While yoga and pilates are both great for our wellbeing, they target slightly different aspects of […]


Myotherapy magic in the air, head to toe so awesome


Nagging muscle pain, constant stiffness and recurring knots. Arghhh! Many of us suffer in silence and neglect getting treatment. Those of us who do get treatment automatically think of massage therapy as the only resort. In reality, there are other options that may be more effective like seeing a myotherapist. Myotherapy has been a life-saver […]


Reiki healing restoring balance and harmony

reiki, reiki practice, reiki practitioner, energy, energy flow, healing, Avaana

Reiki can help you feel rejuvenated when you’re just not feeling right. This Japanese healing practice follows the belief that we have energy flowing through us. Further, this energy is a spiritual, universal force that keeps us balanced. Factors like stress and trauma disrupt this energy flow and can cause physical, mental and emotional illnesses. […]


Meditation is key to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Meditation involves intentionally calming the mind and body to achieve awareness in the present moment. This awareness may be on the breath or feeling you’re experiencing. The main goal is to turn the attention away from distracting thoughts or surroundings. If these distractions do creep up, you: simply notice them without reacting too much gently […]

Floatation Therapy Wellbeing

Floatation therapy – float your way to better health and wellbeing

Imagine being weightless, warm and completely free from the outside world for an entire hour of your day. Sound like bliss? Then you should try ‘floating’ or floatation therapy. Getting your float on Floatation therapy takes place in a floatation tank filled with epsom salt water solution – that’s what makes you float! These tanks […]


Aromatherapy Essential Oils: What are they used for?

Aromatherapy Oils

Wake Up and Smell the Oils with Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the art and science of using aromatic oils to promote the overall health of the body, mind and spirit. These oils are often referred to as essential oil as used in this non-invasive and all-natural form of therapy are, meaning they are extracted from the […]