Meditation is key to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

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Meditation involves intentionally calming the mind and body to achieve awareness in the present moment. This awareness may be on the breath or feeling you’re experiencing. The main goal is to turn the attention away from distracting thoughts or surroundings. If these distractions do creep up, you:

  1. simply notice them without reacting too much
  2. gently return to that feeling of relaxed awareness

So why meditate?

Although meditating can be challenging at first (and may take a bit of practice!), it comes with many benefits. Meditation ‘rewires the brain for happiness’ because of the neural changes that occur with regular practice. So people who meditate may have the ability to teach their brains how to stay calm and balanced in seemingly stressful situations, while staying present in the positive moments. Regular meditation may also assist with anxiety and improving focus, memory and creativity.

There are also a number of physiological benefits associated with regular meditation. For example, high blood pressure, a weak immune system and poor digestion can be a result of stress. Meditation has the potential to reduce stress and improve serotonin (the happy hormone) levels over time so our bodies are  less susceptible to these conditions. Additionally, certain forms of meditation may help us sleep better, which can also improve our energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing! Dedicating time to switching off and simply ‘being’ may also increase feelings of peace, while allowing a little bit of space from negative emotions.

Not sure where to start?

With all its different styles and purposes, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start your meditation journey. Avaana can connect you with experienced practitioners who can help to make it that little bit easier. From guided group meditations to yoga-style classes and individual consultations, we’ve got you covered. Take the first step towards your inner peace by booking a session today!

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