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Nathalie Kealy

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What is Meditation for Mindfulness and How to Practice it

meditation for mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness; we’re hearing about it everywhere, aren’t we? It’s safe to say these are definitely two hot topics of the moment in the Western world. But why now? It’s not like these practices are a new concept; for many countries, cultures, and religions, they’ve been around for centuries and are a part of […]

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How to Use Meditation for Anxiety and Stress?

meditation for anxiety

Meditation for Anxiety Meditation for anxiety: Overwhelmed, worrying thoughts, nervous energy, unable to relax, restless sleep, poor appetite, scattered mind… Have you ever experienced any of these?  Well, these are just some of the symptoms linked to anxiety. Now that’s not to say if you had these you had anxiety; but, they can be a […]