How Can I Learn To Channel Reiki?

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Do you want to learn how to channel reiki energy for healing?

The beauty of reiki healing is that anyone can learn how to channel reiki energy. The process is simple, yet empowering.

Once you learn this skill you can help family, friends or clients as a reiki practitioner. You could assist them with stress reduction, injury recovery, relaxation and more.

So if you’re here because you Googled ‘how to learn reiki’ or ‘reiki how to learn’, you can breathe easy. The universe has guided you to this article because you are READY to begin your reiki training asap.

Let’s take a closer look at how to channel reiki…

How to channel reiki

How can I learn to channel reiki?

Anyone can learn how to channel reiki energy.

It’s not reserved for special people who were dubbed worthy at birth. All you need is a willingness to undergo a certain level of training and commitment.

There are 5 main steps to follow if you want to learn how to channel reiki.  Here’s how to get started:

✨ Step 1: Acknowledge The Life Force

If you want to learn how to channel reiki energy, you need to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I willing to develop a spiritual practice?
  • Do I recognise that life force energy makes up all things?

Once you resonate with the potential of these questions, you’re on your way. Your ability to channel reiki energy is already awakening!

Can I learn reiki myself?

You already know you have the potential to learn reiki yourself. But, some people need to hear that they have the potential to do this a few times. That’s why we’re saying again – You can learn reiki!

Once you embrace that life force energy that flows around you, it’s time to…

✨ Step 2: Find A Reiki Master

You need to work with reiki master teachers if you want to learn how to channel reiki yourself. They’ll guide you through every step of the process and share their teachings. A good place to start is by attending reiki sessions to see who’s energy you resonate with the most.

It’s important to consider a reiki masters’ lineage when making your choice. This refers to the list of people who taught that person reiki, and goes back through, teacher by teacher, until you reach the reiki founder, Mikao Usui.

Most people feel that a short reiki lineage is best. But it’s also worth considering how dedicated the lineage has been to the reiki practice.

Why would I want to learn reiki?

You want to learn reiki if you have a desire to:

a) work with universal energy

b) have an easy-to-access tool for healing.

Once you’ve found your reiki master, it’s time to embrace a true energetic experience – a reiki attunement. These allow you to properly use universal energy for healing.

✨  Step 3: Reiki Attunements

When you’re ready, your reiki master will give you reiki attunements. These rituals are a vital part of the reiki training process. They’re HOW you become a clear and open channel for reiki energy to flow in, through and around you.

There are 3 levels of reiki training and attunements:

  • Reiki 1 – Attunements help you ‘awaken’ to the life force energy. This reiki level emphasises hand positions and practising reiki on yourself. It initiates a sensitivity to the energy that’ll you’ll have for the rest of your life.
  • Reiki 2 – Attunements further open you up to the reiki life force. They also introduce you to the 5 reiki symbols – power, harmony, distance, mastery, and completion. This is when you begin using reiki to help others.
  • Reiki 3 – Attunements expand your connection to universal energy and crown you a reiki master. You can teach reiki yourself after you’ve completed this level of reiki training.

Does learning reiki create a spiritual awakening?

Some people feel ‘different’ after having reiki attunements. Are they experiencing a spiritual awakening? Well, that depends on who you speak to… but, the answer is most likely a YES. There’s nothing to be scared of with this. ‘Waking up’ energetically is an empowering experience.

 Step 4: Integrate The Energy

Every attunement will amplify your sensitivity to the energetic world around you. As your energy shifts and realigns, you may feel lighter and brighter. But, you could also experience one or more of the following for a few days:

  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Sore muscles
  • Scratchy throat
  • Increased need for sleep
  • Vivid dreams
  • Heightened intuition
  • Sudden awareness of your life purpose
  • Stronger connection with your higher self
  • Messages about your physical or psychological health
  • Acknowledgement of suppressed emotions
  • Need for more alone time
  • Deeper acceptance of yourself and past experiences.

 Step 5: Practice Your Reiki

It’s essential to practice reiki after each attunement.

If you’ve completed Reiki 1, you need to use it on yourself for a set number of days. This helps you integrate the energy and increase your sensitivity to it.

Completed Reiki 2?

It’s time to practice reiki on others. You could contribute to reiki classes to refine your skills. Or you could consciously share the energy with your family or friends.

Daily practices of meditation, body scan and hands-on healing help to stablise the reiki energy.

Remember that not everyone is aware of the power of reiki. Some people view it as a woo-woo energy healing practice, even though it’s not.

Scientific studies validate that reiki energy has measurable benefits. That’s why it’s used in some hospitals. One research paper said:

“ Reiki is a safe and gentle complementary therapy that activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal the body and mind.”

Despite the evidence, some people just aren’t ready for this powerful healing therapy. And that’s okay. Please don’t force reiki energy onto those who aren’t interested. Resistance doesn’t help healing, therefore it’s best to practice on those who are receptive to receiving.

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