Growing teams use Avaana for workplace wellbeing

Employers are required by law to ensure the physical & psychological health and safety of your employees even if they work from home.

Post pandemic, workplace health and wellbeing is tough...

Group wellbeing has changed

Online wellbeing initiatives just don't cut it. They are seen as just yet another Zoom or Teams activity. In person health and wellbeing services matter and are valued most by employees

Wellbeing isn't One size Fits All

Wellbeing means something different to all of us, and your employees should have the flexibility to decide what it means to them and choose initiatives that support it.

The same old services aren't seen as perks

Flu shots they can get from their GP or a chemist. Fruit they can get in their “home kitchen”. “meditation” sessions with limited proven mindfulness or team building outcomes.

Introducing, Avaana's Workplace Wellbeing Solution. As simple as sending each of your employees ...

“Hey, we appreciate you, and we know work can take a toll.

We want to support you. But we recognise that your definition of wellbeing may be different to ours. So here's an allocated wellbeing budget designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and heal.

It gives you access to over 4,000 health, fitness and wellbeing practitioners across Australia. Choose from Physio, Chiro, Yoga, Massage, Personal Training, Exercise Physiology and much more. You can put it towards everything from treating your back pain, to hiringa personal trainer or joining a local Yoga class. Whatever it is you need, the choice is yours."

Introducing our Hybrid Wellbeing Solution

We connect your employees with the wellbeing practitioners they need for their individual wellbeing journey

Easily managed funds
through virtual wallets

You set a health and wellbeing budget for your organisation and we issue your employees a virtual wellbeing credit card they can use to book services

“wellbeing journeys”

We design “wellbeing journeys” based on your organisation's health and wellbeing objectives but leave the ultimate choice up to the employee as to how they use their budget.

Gain access to over 4,000+ health and wellbeing practitioners now

3,000 practitioners ready to service your employees nationally

84% of Australians (including your employees) already look for health info online

Structured wellbeing journeys for your employees based on mutual goals

20+ categories of services available in Melbourne and Sydney

Powerful tracking, analytics and reporting back to the employer

Want to learn more?

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