Recharge Wellness

8 Hadenfeld Ave, 2113


  • Counselling

Individual Counselling

50 mins


50 mins


Telehealth counselling session with our Registered Psychologist. With a mental health care plan you will receive a medicare rebate on the session.


Bianca Scarmaella

Laura Etherington

Khadijah Duarte


Recharge Wellness provides you with access to a comprehensive team of psychologists when you want, where you want. We know that your life can be difficult, and that change can be hard, so we ensure that you’re taken care of in between sessions through qualified mental health nurses to make sure that you remain on track. Best of all though, you don’t have to stay chained to your first psychologist! If you don’t vibe together, then don’t worry! You can easily change between therapists as needed until you find the right one for you.