Matri Holistic

4 Ilya Avenue, 2250


Samantha Fin

Bianca Nelson

Rose Harvey

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As a qualified, creative, and empathetic therapist, I also draw upon my years of experience as a corporate storyteller and artist to assist others on their journey toward holistic wellness.

My intention is to create a warm, safe, and inviting environment where my clients are supported as they face, overcome, and heal from any mental, emotional, and physical challenges that are holding them back. By using a range of modalities, from talk therapy, play, art, mindfulness, somatic therapy, and creative writing, I work with clients to build resilience, confidence, and self-love, by promoting a healthy connection between mind, body, and spirit.

My individual sessions are designed to nurture and support my clients as they embark upon their healing journey toward one of peace, clarity, and purpose. My workshops and seminars are usually focused on one specific area of healing and provide insights and a roadmap for people to apply to their own lives at their own pace.

With a special focus on mothers, teens, and children, I am deeply passionate about allowing space for our inner child to be heard and healed, dissolving any energetic dissonance caused by unresolved trauma, stress, and pain.