Clear Mind Directive CMD Counselling Services

50 Murchison Road, 6169

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Our mission is to promote people’s emotional well-being through counselling and therapy services. CMD Counselling is committed to cultivating a community of care that acknowledges and values the depth, dignity, and uniqueness of all people regardless of gender, race, or background to help them find their full potential. Our mission is to give high-quality services and consultancy to all levels on mental health and developmental matters.
Trained and skilled in the areas of dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and schema. When working with individual clients I tailor the sessions to their needs, pulling skills and techniques from many therapeutic approaches. I also offer groups session; DBT and mindfulness programs.
To promote the overall mental and physical wellbeing of all members of the community. To help people to achieve personal wellbeing and create a healthy work-life balance.


To have a positive influence on every client. Providing Leadership and professional expertise in the provision of mental health and well-being services. While ensuring service delivery led by research and quality control indicators, in connection with a dedication to continuous service improvement. Being accountable, purposeful, and passionate in our work.


CMD Counselling is committed to the emphasis of culturally competent services that honour and are sensitive to the needs, strengths, and identities of a culturally and linguistically diverse community. We recognise that ecological and systemic inequality, injustice, and oppression continue to exist and have a negative influence on the mental and emotional health of our community. Therefore, we purposely, actively, and continuously endeavour to promote and implement services that aim are to the improvement of social justice, inclusivity, and equality.