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How can Personal training help me?

A personal trainer offers a one-on-one training method that is tailor made for your body type. This personalized approach to training is great because it allows trainers to focus on your health and fitness concerns as well as create customized sessions for you with your fitness goals in mind.

Personal Training

Is a gym trainer the same as a personal trainer?

Many gym trainers offer personal training services to members. This means that you will pay an additional fee for personal attention when you go to the gym. However you can also hire an independent personal trainer and work out at home or in a park.

Is it better to hire a personal trainer near me?

Yes, it makes sense to hire a personal trainer who is located near you so that it is easier to stick to a schedule. Certified personal trainers have experience and qualifications that allow them to better manage and achieve your fitness goals, but none of this helps if you do not attend regular sessions.

Who should get a personal trainer?

There are some situations in which a personal trainer is highly recommended. These are:

  • If you have never worked out before and have just joined a gym
  • If you have specific weight loss/gain or strength building goals
  • If you have a medical condition, restrictions of mobility, or any special condition that may affect your workout
  • If you are training for a sporting event and want to improve your form and timing

However, if you’re suffering from pre-existing injuries or health conditions that you’re trying to overcome through exercise, then you might instead benefit more from physiotherapy or from consulting an exercise physiologist.

I like working out alone. Why should I look for a personal trainer near me?

Getting a personal trainer doesn’t mean you can’t still train by yourself. A trainer just gives you some extra support. With their extensive knowledge, your trainer is able to create a workout plan for you to achieve your goals. You might choose work with a personal trainer for a few months to improve your form and realign your fitness goals, and then go back to working out on your own.

I am not able to go to meet my trainer. Is there a way to book remote personal training sessions?

Yes, you absolutely can! Many personal trainers offer online fitness coach services which you can do from anywhere. You can also pay a subscription fee on some apps to get a mobile personal trainer. An online fitness coach will offer advice and monitor your form through a video call, and may send you programs and tips throughout the day. A mobile personal trainer may be a virtual trainer or a real person who offers personal training services through your device.

Finding a personal trainer that works for you isn’t always easy. Avaana provides you with access to qualified and experienced personal trainers near you with prices that work with your lifestyle.

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