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How can chiropractors help me?

Lifestyle diseases are fast catching up with many Australians, creating pain, stiffness, sore muscles, bad posture, and an overall drop in fitness levels. So scheduling a chiropractic treatment can go a long way in keeping you happy and healthy.  

Is it time to look for a chiropractic near me?

It’s no surprise that poor posture is a growing concern, especially when we’re constantly hunching over our laptops and phones. In fact, ‘forward head posture’ puts strain on our necks and backs. This occurs because when your head sticks out from its centre of gravity, your neck ends up carrying the extra stress. To reduce this stress and enhance your ability to think, move and perform, a back alignment may be useful. In short, if you experience pain on waking up, it’s time to look through our list of chiropractors.  

Spinal adjustment involves the use of different techniques to apply manual pressure to move a joint beyond its usual range of motion. As with osteopathy, these techniques can include mobilisation,  stretching, and more. While chiropractic adjustments are the main form of treatment used by chiropractors, they can also employ a holistic approach to treatment, which may include the use of other techniques such as:

  • Massage therapy

  • Exercises

  • Behaviour modification

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Orthotics for posture and alignment improvement

  • Drop piece table techniques to help mobilise a joint

  • Ultrasound

  • Laser

  • TENS Temperature therapy to improve blood flow and loosen muscles

  • Vibracussor spinal adjustment

How safe are chiropractors near me?

In addition to being qualified and experienced, chiros also have to be nationally registered and regulated allied health professionals. Furthermore, your chiropractor undergoes a series of theoretical and practical examinations as well as thorough training before being assigned to you for treatment. This all ensures that any chiropractic experiences you book through Avaana will be safe and high quality.

Will chiropractic adjustment affect my mobility for long?

No, chiropractic treatment is safe when administered by a qualified chiro. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. There can be a few after-effects which can include slight soreness, aching, or stiffness, however they should always fade away within a day.  

The benefits of a medication-free solution

Let’s consider the most common case presented by clients:
“I have a recurring back problem, but nobody can tell me what the cause is.”
“I’ve gotten tests, X-rays, and more, but there is nothing wrong. Why am I still in pain?”
“I’ve tried painkillers but they’re a short-term solution and I don’t like the side effects like nausea and acidity. I’m now looking into a chiropractic near me for a solution?”

If the same chronic back issue is treated through chiropractic techniques, in other words – spinal manipulation, sufferers have seen immediate results with virtually nil side-effects. This is also a great solution for those who cannot or do not want to take medicines. For example, a pregnant woman may choose to avoid painkillers to deal with back pain or knee pain caused by pressure on the spine, but can enjoy some relief through chiro care.  

Better immunity from a Chiro near me

Lack of immunity is a major and common health concern these days owing to an increase in stress levels as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. Chiropractic treatment can help improve your overall immunity as the immune system and nervous system are closely linked. Through chiropractic adjustments, the overall functioning of cells in our immune system improves and we experience a new surge of energy and vitality to carry out our daily activities.  

Beyond the back pain

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic treatment is not only meant for those who have chronic back pain.

Chiropractics can also help in the following:


Chiropractor for vertigo: Chiropractic treatment can help you re-establish balance with your ear through a series of specific positions and movements.

Chiropractor for insomnia: Chiropractic treatment can play a significant role in improving sleep as it helps improve blood circulation (vital for sound sleep) and corrects any subluxations in the spine. Subluxations create imbalance in the body thereby creating stress and not allowing it to rest.

Chronic pain: Chronic pain in the neck or shoulders or knees is a common phenomenon but may have a cause that is nowhere near the affected spot. A chiropractor will diagnose the source of pain, and then treat the pain.

Chiropractor for migraines: A migraine can cause complete disruption to your daily routine. Chiropractic treatment based on spinal adjustment techniques may offer to instant relief from migraines.

Chiropractor during pregnancy: Pregnant women might experience chronic lower back pain or pain in the pelvis. Chiropractic treatment can do wonders for pregnant women to treat their pain through spinal adjustments and offer a medication-free solution at the same time.

Chiropractor in sports injuries: Chiropractic treatment can help with hamstring and lower limb injuries, improve muscle strength and treat chronic back pain in athletes. Many athletes swear by chiro as a way to increase on field performance.  You can also do this in tandem with a sports massage for best results.

Given the number of health conditions and symptoms that chiropractic may help with, it’s no surprise that the benefits yielded are plentiful. For example, in treating chronic stress, your chiro may help improve your overall mental health and clarity by restoring healthy brain function and normal healing. In addition to this example, chiropractic patients have noticed other overall health and wellbeing improvements.

What to expect at your chiro appointment?

Chiropractic practitioners take a holistic approach to health. As such, you can expect a detailed chiropractic examination at your first consultation involving the following:

  • Postural, neurological and orthopedic screenings.
  • An assessment of your blood pressure, heart rate, reflexes, and respiration
  • Discussion of your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle
  • X-ray or other tests as required
  • Once your chiropractor has all this information, they will create the appropriate treatment plan for you or refer you on to a more suitable practitioner.  

Other things to keep in mind

Check for insurance:

Check whether you insurance extras cover chiropractic treatment. You can always book a chiropractic appointment on Avaana and then claim back insurance after the appointment

Ask for demo: 

If you are unsure about an adjustment or other technique your chiropractor proposes to perform, ask them for a demonstration before they actually perform it on you.

Holistic approach:

Be open with your chiropractor about your expectations and how comfortable you are with the procedure. This will go a long way in getting desired results and ensure that you find yourself at ease during the treatment.           


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