Pilates Melbourne

Over the past decade, Pilates has become one of the most popular and productive forms of exercise. Yet, many people are mystified by the practice. Is it just a glorified form of sit ups, a mixture of pulleys and cables or yoga without the meditation?

The reality is that Pilates (pronounced puh-LAT-eez) does, indeed borrow from yoga, along with dance and gymnastics. It also includes plenty of original movements for a total of more than 500 exercises that are done on either a mat or with equipment that was invented by a man named Joseph Pilates.

Pilates works to strengthen the core, lengthen the spine, increase muscle tone and enhance bodily awareness and flexibility. It’s also great for rehab. Pilates will allow you to train your entire body as a complete unit, correct imbalances, chronic weaknesses, and asymmetries.

The most common way to practice Pilates is to attend a group class. There, you’ll have a trained instructor to guide and motivate you you’ll also have the support of fellow Pilates enthusiasts.

Melbourne is home to some excellent Pilates studios. Check out our featured Melbourne Pilates classes below to find the one that’s right for you.