Counselling sessions in Melbourne

While there can be some overlap between counselling and psychology, if you’re not sure whether to book a consultation with a counsellor or psychologist in Melbourne, this handy breakdown might help:

  1. Psychology typically involves long term consultations with a psychologist. Those sessions aim to help you unpack and understand longstanding thoughts, feelings and behaviours that serve as unconscious triggers and continue to impact your present-day relationships and life. Essentially, psychology aims to resolve complex issues through self-awareness gained from deep insights during consultation. You will find that as a result, the change experienced can be quite eye opening and profound
  2. Counselling typically involves short term consultations with a counsellor or psychologist because the situations you are grappling with may be resolved at a conscious level without having to delve too deeply into your psychological history. Some common counselling areas of expertise include grief and bereavement, relationship issues, family and parenting problems, couple’s counselling, stress management and problems concerning work and career.

If you are dealing with short term issues that a proving difficult to manage on your own, perhaps you could benefit from booking in a counselling session with one of our qualified counsellors based in inner Melbourne below.