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Suffering from pain and feel the urge to channelize your energy? Nothing like a great Moxibustion massage. 

Moxibustion is a type of Chinese medicine that involves burning (heated) moxa which is typically a cone or stick made of ground mugwort leaves, on or near your body’s meridians and acupuncture points. 

This traditional technique will get all that tension out of those body parts and steer a clear way for positive reinforcement. 

As you reach to your phone for booking a session, let’s just get more information on what it actually is and constitutes of! 

What is Moxibustion?
How does moxibustion work?
What are some benefits of moxibustion?
Does moxibustion pain or have side effects?
Where can I find a center for moxibustion near me?
Who performs moxibustion?
Moxibustion vs acupuncture, which one suits me?
Can I shower after Moxibustion?
How often should I get moxibustion?
How much does moxibustion cost?

What is Moxibustion?

Practitioner’s have claimed that the heat from this system of massage helps in stimulating the points in your body. The difference points in your body hold energy and it is very important to have your energy (“qi” – life energy) channelized in the best way possible and if not, it leads to health problems which can be internal or external.
Thus, to make way for the energy to freely flow without any blockages, the massage gets your points to detangle and improves flow of “Qi” in your entire body.
Any pain that rests in the body as a result of injury or arthritis can be dealt with.
The “cold” patterns of your body where the pain feels better as soon as there is application of heat.

As long as you are taking care of your “qi” being in harmony, you don’t have to worry about how and when the pain will repair itself, it happens as a parallel process to working on “qi”.
Anything from acute to the most chronic diseases can be taken care of with the help of this massage that is heat induced.
Any irregularity in the system from digestion to muscle pain to any serious health problem is covered with this impactful practice.

How does moxibustion work?

This practice is dynamic as it can be applied directly or indirectly to the parts that are affected or in pain.
If one’s performing direct moxibustion, the moxa cone is made to rest on the surface of the body during the treatment takes place.
Here, the practitioner allows the cone to be lit burn at a slow rate until the skin reacts and turns red – not completely but begins to turn red.
As soon as you begin to feel the heat, the practitioner removes these cones.
You can also consider your acupuncture needles to be ignited that can be used to place the moxa on.
The needles will have the moxa burn on them until it is extinguished.
The heat travels through the needle to the acupuncture point.
Incase you’re still wondering what that is, moxa is the small package created that holds dried plants in it for medical significance and is patient friendly.
This is a herb that is small and spongy and highly customised to enhancing this therapy.
Considering indirect moxibustion, it is a safer option and it more commonly practiced because of the same.
The burning moxa does not touch your skin and the practitioner holds it about an inch from the surface of your body.
Under the influence of this, your skin becomes red and warm, this is when the practitioner removes it.
One more technique to perform indirect moxibustion is to insulate a layer of salt or of garlic between the cone and your skin.
Another option is to use “moxa boxes” which are filled with moxa, ignited and then placed on the surface of the body.

What are some benefits of moxibustion?

This technique has a huge impact on your physical health as it removes all the pain and instills relief in those areas.
Looking at it as a self-care ritual, a precaution, a solution to an acute problem or a relief to a chronic condition, it has multiple benefits!
A wide range of issues can be helped with :

  1. Gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation
  2. Menstrual cramps
  3. Pain, including pain from arthritis, joint or muscle pain, and chronic pain
  4. Cancer-related nausea
  5. Urinary incontinence
  6. Fertility
  7. Asthma symptoms
  8. Eczema
  9. Fatigue
  10. Cold and flu prevention
  11. Ulcerative colitis
  12. Cancer
  13. Stroke rehabilitation
  14. High blood pressure
  15. Breech presentation

That’s how much of your health is prevented from or helped with in the curing process.
One study has found moxibustion to be excellent therapy for chronic kidney disease. Researchers found it to have a great effect on reducing serum creatinine, which is responsible for poor kidney function in high doses.‌

Hot flashes. A study involving 51 women in their postmenopausal stages tried to establish the effect of moxibustion on hot flashes. The researchers found that undergoing 14 sessions of the therapy helped reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes

Does moxibustion pain or have side effects?

This unique therapy is definitely worth the for a overall burst to that health, a great way to enhance bigger medical regimes with these integrative and complementary treatments. 

It does pose a few risks on certain parts of your body. The topmost priority of people is not to be burnt in the process of the therapy. 

There is a hack to that! For the ones not sure about the therapist’s precision or even the process itself, you can opt for the indirect moxibustion for cutting the contact between the body and the moxa cone. 

Getting the therapy done alone can be even scary and hence an added recommendation of going for the indirect moxibustion is the best! 

There are different side effects that can depend on various factors. 

  1. If you’re allergic to mugwort, it might create rashes or some inverted effect on your skin or cause you to have a reaction of some kind. 
  2. The composition of these leaves can cause your system to repel the therapy through nausea or perhaps vomiting. 
  3. The smoke from the moxa boxes or cone can cause you to cough during the session and that body movement from the cough of the smoke can cause you to get yourself burnt. It’s a tricky one. 
  4. With the skin turning red during the process, marks might be left when your done with the process and often the overexposure to the heat might be a cause of those dark skin patches. 
  5. I’d you’re pregnant and getting this therapy done, it can cause fetal distress which might result to a lot of discomfort and other effects. 
  6. This is a stimulus to getting yourself into a situation of causing premature birth so be mindful of which trimester to go for the therapy in. 
  7. Basal cell carcinoma or any type of skin cancer can be caused if you overdo this practice and wait until it affects your system in a negative manner.

Where can I find a center for moxibustion near me?

Who performs moxibustion?

There is a professional and certified practitioner that is excellent at the skill of getting the moxa massage done in a harmless way, full of pleasure and healing. 

You can also go ahead with searching for a acupuncturist that get’s the job done just fine for some acupuncturists also do moxibustion – the two processes are also done side by side. 

It is the safest and most efficient way to get it done from a professional. They ensure that you don’t burn yourself and focus on the areas that are best suited for your needs and recovery.

Moxibustion vs acupuncture, which one suits me?

Although these techniques are done side by side at times and can be very complimentary to each other, they are different and can be you priority above the other depending on your condition. 

Acupuncture uses meridians in order to channelize the flow of ‘qi’. It does not focus on anything else related to energy but that.  

Moxibustion on the other hand is the best way to get meridians to work the channelization of ‘qi’ while also helping the system to replenish the original ‘Qi’ and the yang aspect which is the negative energy to be flushed outside. 

There are reducing and reinforcing technique when it comes to acupuncture and it works only for non-excessive and non-deficient conditions. 

Moxibustion is a technique that treats conditions irrespective of it being excessive, deficient or even heat or cold.

Does moxibustion help with breech baby?

This technique is the best known for being a highly effective alternative method to breech presentation – meaning that a baby positioned with its first first in the birth canal can be helped with as the condition makes the entire process of birthing much more difficult. 

This process is usually carried forward during the 34th week and anytime around 34 weeks. 

Indirect moxibustion is used around the acupuncture point known as the Urinary Bladder 67. 

Also known as the Zhiyin or reaching yin, the spot lies on the outer part of your pinkie toe. 

Ensuring effectiveness and safety, a professional does this the best for you. Certain hospitals have midwives and obstetricians on their staff team that are trained in these practices, along with a licence.

How often should I get moxibustion? 

You can get this done anywhere between seven to ten minutes, all days of the week, maximum twice a day. 

For expecting mothers with breech babies, 15-20 minutes for two weeks between the 28th and 37th week can be done!

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