Abundant Health Kinesiology

Stirling WA, 6021

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Kinesiology is a form of natural therapy that uses muscle monitoring, for neurological biofeedback, to identify imbalances and explore where stress is being held in your body. It allows me to determine which healing modalities are required to bring you back to physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Kinesiology is an integrative form of complementary medicine that promotes mental, emotional, physical energetic and spiritual health. Reduce your stress, balance your emotions, improve your relationships, sleep well, restore your wellbeing & Discover true self!

What I can help with:
Stress and Anxiety
Muscular/Joint Pain e.g. neck, back, hips
TMJ – jaw pain from grinding or clenching your teeth
Digestive issues
Sleep issues
Adrenal fatigue
Immune system
Self Esteem/Confidence
Learning difficulties
Personal Power
Clearing past trauma