Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Gentle pressure and stretching  to relax the body

Massage is the practice of kneading and rubbing the body using hands and specific ointments such as cream-based massage lotions or essential oil-based oils. This is done by a specialist known as a massage therapist. These people are highly trained and specialize in offering massages. During a massage therapy session, the specialist rubs a specific part of your body. The force applied can either be deep and firm or shallow and soft, depending on the body part and the pain being felt. Massages have a wide range of importance in the body: They aid in circulation, help in muscle relaxation and increasing mental alertness.

How are massages conducted?

Massages are conducted by a massage physician in a private room. They are done individually unless for couple massages that are done on two people in the same room but with different therapists, depending on the type of massage you are getting. You only have a towel wrapped around your body and inner clothes. To allow the physician to access the specific body part he/she is working on with ease. In other massages such as chair massage, you can be dressed but in loose clothes.

Before starting a massage session, ensure that you tell the therapist your expectations. Let them know what you are comfortable with and what does not work for you. In case you have any health conditions, let them know in advance. This will aid them to know what to avoid when offering you a massage and what to incorporate to make you feel better.

What are the benefits of getting a massage?

It is important to understand the health benefits your body gets from a good massage. Such include:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Corrects insomnia and restores sleep
  • Improved skin tone since it relieves skin tension and encourages blood circulation and generation of new cells
  • Reducing muscle pain and tension
  • Boosting body immunity
  • Increase mental alertness

How many types of massages are there?

Massages make you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. There are many different types of massages and they are specific on the body part.

General questions asked about massage:

  1. Aromatherapy massage
    Aromatherapy combines gentle and soft pressure. Essential oils are used when performing an aromatherapy massage. The essential oils are diluted using carrier oils before applying them on the body during a massage. When applied directly on the skin, essential oils cause irritation on the body. You get to choose the essential oils you wish to be used on your body or the therapist can do it for you. When choosing an essential oil, consider what is best for your skin type. Skin types and the recommended essential oil.
    Oily skin: tea tree, sweet marjoram, cardamom, lavender spike
    Acne: cedarwood, lemon, berry, tea tree, berry, eucalyptus
    Dry: rose, myrrh, sandalwood and palmarosa A whole-body massage is performed and you inhale essential oils as they are absorbed through your skin. This is the best massage for people who want emotional healing. Aromatherapy is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, reducing depression, relieving muscle tension and pain and also boosting your mood.
  2. Deep tissue massage
    This has been proven to be the best option for people with chronic muscle issues from injuries such as road accidents. It helps relieve chronic muscle pain and anxiety. During the massage, a physician uses slow strokes and applies deep finger pressure. This helps relieve tension from the deep tissues and muscles. It is deeper as compared to aromatherapy.
  3. Sports massage
    Sports massages have been proven to be best for people who engage in sports. People who engage in sports are prone to getting repetitive muscle injuries. It helps relieve muscle tension, pain and anxiety and increase flexibility in sportspersons. This massage can be done as either a full body massage or a targeted massage where the massage physician focuses on one body part. Deep pressure is alternated with soothing strokes to relieve pain from the muscles.
  4. Reflexology massage
    Reflexology massages are mostly advocated for people who want to regain their initial energy levels and relax. Firm and gentle pressure are applied when performing this massage. Mostly done areas such as hands, feet, and ears. A reflexology massage works best for people who are not comfortable being touched all over their bodies.
  5. Prenatal massage
    This is a safe way for pregnant women to get a massage. It is very important and helps reduce body aches, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress in pregnant women. Unlike other massages, you lie on your side or on a special table that has a cutout for the belly. Ensure that you are comfortable when being offered a massage to avoid straining which could be harmful to the baby. Mild pressure is applied on the hips, legs and the back. It is done for 45- 60 minutes. This massage can be done at any point in the pregnancy journey. Some massage therapists, however, suggest to not do these massages to women in their first trimester due to the risk of having a miscarriage.
  6. Chair massage
    This type of massage is done when you are seated on a chair, unlike the others where you lie on a bed. Also done for first-timers who are getting a massage for their first time to prepare them for a whole-body massage. It can also be done to a person who is in a hurry and only wants a massage on the head, neck, back, and shoulders. Light to medium pressure is applied to relieve stress and make you relax. It is not done for long and takes 10-30 minutes.
  7. Couples massage
    A couple’s massage is done on partners, friends or family who wish to have a massage done for them in the same room. It offers the same benefits as a regular massage. Sometimes you get to benefit from additional packages such as saunas, facial and body scrubs. Even if you are in the same room, there are different massage therapists and you choose the type of massage you want.
  8. Hot stone massage
    Hot stone massage has been proven best for people with muscle pain and tension or those who wish to relax. It is therapeutic and uses heated stones that are arranged on your back together with kneading from the massage physician. It aids in easing muscle pain, improved blood circulation, reducing pain and stress and aids in relaxation.
  9. Remedial massage