Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Technique that applies pressure using slow, deep strokes that impacts inner layers of muscles and tissues.

Massage is the practice of kneading and rubbing the body using hands and specific ointments such as cream-based massage lotions or essential oil-based oils. This is done by a specialist known as a massage therapist. These people are highly trained and specialize in offering massages.

During a massage therapy session, the specialist rubs a specific part of your body. The force applied can either be deep and firm or shallow and soft, depending on the body part and the pain being felt. Massages have a wide range of importance in the body: They aid in circulation, help in muscle relaxation and increasing mental alertness.

How are massages conducted?

Massages are conducted by a massage physician in a private room.

They are done individually unless for couple massages that are done on two people in the same room but with different therapists, depending on the type of massage you are getting. You only have a towel wrapped around your body and inner clothes. To allow the physician to access the specific body part he/she is working on with ease. In other massages such as chair massage, you can be dressed but in loose clothes.

It is important to understand the health benefits your body gets from a good massage. Such include:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Corrects insomnia and restores sleep
  • Improved skin tone since it relieves skin tension and encourages blood circulation and generation of new cells
  • Reducing muscle pain and tension
  • Boosting body immunity
  • Increase mental alertness