Reiki Sydney

Reiki (meaning “universal life energy”) is a gentle form of alternative medicine focused on energy healing. This Japanese technique supports healing in the body by promoting balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

The practice teaches that the human body is comprised of an intelligent energy system that works on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. This life force energy travels through pathways within our body (chakras, meridians, and nadis) and flows around our body in a field (aura). Reiki practitioners believe that energy can be low or stagnant in the body when there has been physical injury or emotional pain. If left untreated, these energy blocks can gradually lead to illness.

Reiki aims to restore balance to the body by opening up blocked meridians, nada, and chakras. After scanning the body for imbalances, reiki healers use a hands-on healing technique to transfer universal energy through their palms to the client. This process induces deep relaxation, facilitates healing, and reduces pain and other symptoms of illness in the body. Reiki is most commonly used for pain relief, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.