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The benefits of reflexology

Reflexology is a form of energy medicine like acupuncture or reiki that works on the principle of unblocking the flow of life energy in your body. It is an allied medicine therapy that has been found very beneficial in pain management, anxiety- or stress-related issues, and for various health conditions. Reflexology in Sydney is very popular, with several hospitals and clinics offering it as a complementary therapy for those receiving treatment for serious illnesses or for post-surgery care.

The science behind reflexology

Medical experts consider that there is not enough scientific evidence to support reflexology but as more and more people turn to reflexology in Sydney as a natural, non-invasive form of treatment, it is clear that it has a significant impact. Many studies are currently being conducted to understand the principle and science behind the practice. For the average person, reflexology does not have any side effects and offers considerable benefits so it can safely be recommended as therapy.

Using reflexology to treat health

How often do you find yourself thinking “It’s time to look for reflexology around me”? Reflexology in Sydney is very popular and is most frequently used to treat conditions such as:
  • Migraines or frequent headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Back pain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Breathing problems
  • Recovery from injuries
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Insomnia
Reflexology does not use medicine to treat health issues; it believes that the human body can heal itself when helped to perform at optimum levels. A reflexologist in Sydney will use a hands-on method to unblock the flow of energy so that your body receives what it needs to heal.

The process of reflexology

The principle behind reflexology is that energy should flow smoothly through the body. When there are blockages in the body, the energy stagnates there and causes health issues. There are there are reflexology points in the body that correspond to various organs, and by stimulating these points, the flow of energy is unblocked and can rush to all parts of the body. If you have never booked a session for reflexology in Sydney, here’s what you can expect. Your reflexologist will use their hands to apply pressure to the trigger points. Sometimes they use oil but it can also be performed dry. If there is a large blockage of energy at a specific point, it may feel tender or painful when the therapist presses it. Foot reflexology is meant to be a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, but if you experience any discomfort, do let your therapist know. If possible, try to plan an easy day after your reflexology session. You may feel a tingling of energy at the points where the therapist applied pressure, or you may feel hungrier or sleepier than usual. Some people report feeling light and relaxed after their session but this varies from one individual to the other. Eat mild nourishing food and enjoy a nap if you can.

Reflexology – a gentle treatment for all

If you’re looking for a mild form of therapy that is relaxing and energizing, try booking a session of reflexology in Sydney. It is safe for anyone to book reflexology, but if you have foot injuries or gout, osteoarthritis of the foot or circulation issues, severe diabetes, are injured or have recently had surgery, or are pregnant, you should check with your doctor before booking. If you are trying to work on specific health issues, a recommended duration for reflexology treatment is for 4-6 weeks, with one session per week. This gives your therapist time to treat you and observe the effects of the treatment. Most clients book one session when they need a pick-me-up or have gone through a stressful time recently.
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