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What does it mean if a reflexology point hurts?

Reflexology works on the principle of energy in the body. A reflexologist will manipulate or apply pressure to certain trigger points on the limbs to ease blockages in energy and improving the flow. Each trigger point is related to a part of your body so if there is a congestion of energy in those spots, the trigger point may be sensitive. Reflexology in Melbourne requires the therapist to apply varying degrees of pressure, so some points may be sore or painful to touch. As the energy blockages begin to fade and energy flows smoothly through your body, these points will become less sensitive. Do let your therapist know if you are in pain or if some spots are too sensitive for deep pressure.

Can reflexology heal you?

Reflexology in Melbourne is an alternative therapy which means it does not resort to medical science. You should treat it as a complementary form of treatment that can encourage and speed up recovery. The essence of reflexology is to work on trouble areas in the body so that it can function at optimum levels and heal itself. Reflexology has been found to have relaxing effects on those who receive it. It also eases pain and improves psychological balance. More and more people turn to it for treating chronic pain, headaches and migraines, depression and anxiety, asthma and respiratory issues, and a variety of other conditions, and has been helpful for clients recovering from surgery or serious illness. 

Is there any science behind reflexology?

Reflexology in Melbourne is an energy medicine that works on the idea of rebalancing energy in the body, just like reiki and acupuncture. It is not considered by the medical community to be scientific but research is still being conducted. Various studies have shown that foot reflexology is so therapeutic that it is now offered as a complementary therapy in many hospitals in Australia and around the world. Reflexology offers such significant benefits, especially for pain management and stress-related conditions, with the added advantage of no side effects that it can safely be recommended as an allied therapy.

How often should you get a reflexology massage?

How often do you find yourself thinking, “It’s time to find reflexologists near me”? The best results can be expected if you go 4 times a month or once a week for 4 weeks. If you are trying to achieve specific results or working on long-standing conditions, the treatment may take up to 6 weeks. After that, as you see improvement, your reflexologist will recommend that you reduce the frequency of the sessions.

How much does reflexology in Melbourne cost?

A reflexology can be as short as 20 minutes or could extend to an hour, so the prices vary depending on the duration you choose to book. The average cost for reflexology in Melbourne is $50-80.

What happens in the first reflexology session?

In your first reflexology session, the therapist will start by asking questions about your health and medical background. This is a good time to discuss what you want to achieve from your session and ask how long you can expect to wait before you see results. You do not have to change or take off your clothes for reflexology, but you will be asked to take off your shoes and socks. Some centres for reflexology in Melbourne may ask you to wash your feet before beginning the session. After this, the therapist begins the treatment, applying pressure to different reflexology points. Most reflexologists choose the feet but you may also receive some treatment on your face, ears or hands as there are some points there. The therapist usually uses their hands but they may also use a mall pencil-like tool to apply pressure to certain trigger points. Reflexology in Melbourne is often performed without oils or creams but your therapist may choose to use some to help the hands move easily over your feet. If you prefer to not have oil used, check with the reflexologist before booking. Reflexology is meant to be relaxing but if you feel any discomfort, let your therapist know. There are different techniques they can use if some spots are too tender for direct pressure. 

Is reflexology performed only on the feet?

Reflexology in Melbourne is usually performed on the feet as the soles and feet are considered to have a rich number of nerve endings and reflexology points. However apart from foot reflexology there are some other points in the hands, ears and face. Your therapist may include these points in the massage. If you would rather not receive treatment on your face or ears, do let the therapist know before treatment begins so that they can plan alternative spots.

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