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Will Pilates help my aches and pains?

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century to help injured soldiers recover from war. It is low impact and focuses on healing the body while strengthening it and teaching it functional skills. It can be effective at improving your posture because it strengthens the big muscles like the core and the weight bearing muscles of the hips and pelvis.

However if you have an actual injury and are thinking, “Should I look for Pilates near me to treat it?”, you should talk to your doctor before beginning at any Pilates Adelaide class. Do remember that Pilates may help with daily pains associated with a sedentary lifestyle or a desk job, but it cannot be used in place of physiotherapy or medical treatment.

What are the health benefits of Pilates?  

With regular participation in a Pilates Adelaide class, you should notice the following benefits:

  • Better spatial awareness and less accident-prone behaviour
  • Improved coordination and range of movement
  • Stronger muscles and more efficient weight bearing
  • Realignment and improvement of posture
  • Faster recovery from exertion or exhaustion due to better condition of your muscles

Pilates is also very effective at improving core stability. Many Aussies suffer from chronic back pain that is difficult to diagnose and solve once and for all. This kind of pain is often caused by weakened muscles in the core or the musculoskeletal structure being unable to support the weight of the body. All Pilates studio Adelaide offers can help with strengthening the muscles and improving posture and distribution of weight.

Is Pilates like yoga?

There are some similarities between Pilates and yoga. For instance, in both classes you will move your body with intention and focus on breathing. However, in every Pilates studio Adelaide has, the breathing is used to provide energy to the muscles being worked upon, not for relaxation like yoga. Also, a yoga class usually sets aside some time for mindfulness but all Pilates studio Adelaide has will not do so.

The pace of a beginner Pilates Adelaide class may be similar to a yoga class, but as the participants become accustomed to the exercises, it may become faster and more challenging. Yoga usually proceeds at a slower pace even when the postures become complex.

Will Pilates help me to lose weight?

Weight loss is not one of the biggest benefits of Pilates to begin with. It starts with slow, low impact exercises that are aimed at strengthening the body and improving its functional abilities. It may not offer the quick weight loss results that a more pacy form of exercise may offer. As participants get better at the exercises, the class will increase in complexity and pace which is when weight loss becomes easier. In the long run, Pilates Adelaide classes will help you lose weight and tone your muscles so you will look good and feel great as the weight falls off.

How can I find the best Pilates class for me?

If you’re looking for the best Pilates Adelaide has to offer, start off close to home. The best class is the one that you can attend regularly. Look for ratings and reviews on the Avaana site or get a referral from a friend.

Some Pilates classes Adelaide offers may use different types of equipment or focus more on mat exercises. It might help you decide if you visit for a trial session or to meet a trainer. Find out if you should do Pilates on reformer or mat for the best benefits.

Aussies love Pilates and enjoy the fun of a group class experience. You’re sure to find plenty of options when it comes to Pilates Adelaide. Read our blog post to understand the benefits of yoga vs Pilates for you.

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