FAQ Physiotherapy Perth

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How much does a physio cost in Perth?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Should I look for a physio near me?”, it’s time to visit a professional for your pain. A physiotherapist in Perth may charge you anywhere upwards of $90 per session, but the best physio Perth has to offer may be significantly higher than this. Physiotherapy includes a wide range of treatments with different pricing and the right form of treatment will be recommended by your doctor or physiotherapist after consultation.

Do physiotherapists do massage?

Any physiotherapist in Perth will offer a form of massage if your complaint or condition requires it. It may be an optional or add-on service but in some cases it may not be safe for you to get a massage. A physiotherapist will conduct a full assessment of your health before suggesting massage as a course of treatment.

Getting a massage at your local physio Perth office may not be the same experience as getting a relaxing massage at a spa. Even the best physio Perth has to offer will usually conduct the massage in a well-lit room so that they can apply the correct pressure and treatment to injured or painful areas.

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What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a massage therapist?

A physiotherapist in Perth must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, while specialized physiotherapists will do more advanced courses in specific areas. All physiotherapists must be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. A physiotherapist is certified to treat clients with the following conditions:

  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, or osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy-related pains
  • Those recovering from surgery or injuries
  • Anyone with chronic pain caused by lifestyle factors
  • Recovery from fractures, sprains or torn muscles

A massage therapist is not certified to offer medical treatment and is unlikely to be qualified to treat anyone with the above complaints. A massage is a wonderful soothing experience that offers great benefits including improved flexibility and range of motion, but it cannot help with medical issues.

Does physio hurt?

It may hurt sometimes, even if you go to the best physio Perth has to offer. Physiotherapy is intended to heal and strengthen your body but in order to do that, sometimes you have to push yourself. This may mean stretching a stiff muscle or exercising an injured or sore joint to help you build muscle power and explosive strength.

Many people believe that physiotherapy is for athletes or anyone recovering from surgery or serious injuries, but this isn’t the case. A physiotherapist in Perth can help you with the following issues:

  • Lifestyle-related issues like chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or stiff neck or shoulders caused by sedentary habits or physically challenging jobs
  • Age-related issues of reduced mobility or swollen joints
  • Clients recovering from surgery or injuries may be asked to visit a physio in Perth
  • Clients with chronic pain caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia

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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a form of allied medicine that heals through non-invasive natural treatments that like manipulation or movement of muscles, strengthening and mobility exercises, dry needling or acupuncture, massage, taping, using aids, and temperature treatment.

It is used to realign and strengthen the musculoskeletal structure to treat imbalances, weaknesses or inadequacies, and to improve mobility and flexibility. It is also an effective way to treat pain caused by chronic conditions or injury.

Is physiotherapy suitable for everyone?

Physiotherapy is an easily accessible therapy that has no side effects and does not require invasive procedures. It can be used for very young or older clients, for pregnancy pain, and for recovery from surgery or injuries. Read about the benefits of physiotherapy.

The type and suitability of treatment depends on your health and medical history and is safe when provided by a physiotherapist who is ppropriately qualified.

What happens during a physio session?

Any physiotherapist in Perth will start a physio session with a consultation and analysis. The physio uses this session to assess your health and understand your range of mobility. After that, they will create a plan that is tailored for you. Usually this plan will involve a series of exercises that you will do with the physio as well as some to do on your own. The physiotherapist may also recommend some lifestyle changes to help you recover faster.

When you go for your physio session, be prepared for activity. Comfortable sportswear is a good idea. Do note that if your treatment requires massage or physical manipulation of limbs, you may need to undress or remove some articles of clothing.

When you meet your physiotherapist for the first time, take some time to explain your goals and to ask when you can expect to see improvements. It isn’t possible for the physio to give you a fixed timeline or guaranteed results, but you should both be aligned with the course of treatment and aware of how long it may take.

How should I find a physiotherapist in Perth?

A physiotherapist in Perth is required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree if not more. After this, they must register with the PBA (Physiotherapy Board of Australia). When you look for a physiotherapist, check for these certifications before anything else.

Your next priority should be to figure out if your healthcare provider will cover the treatment you plan to get. It also helps to check reviews or get referrals from people you know or from your doctor.

How can I maximize my physiotherapy sessions?

When it comes to physiotherapy, your process of healing and recovery depends on you. Even if you book the best physiotherapist in Perth, you still need to participate in it as much as you can. Try not to miss scheduled sessions and be open to doing what the expert recommends. Your physio may give you a list of exercises to do at home – do be sure to do these as instructed.

 At the end of the day, physiotherapy provides a natural form of treatment that has no side effects. Taking painkillers is a convenient way of dealing with pain but in the long run, you are not treating the cause of pain. With physiotherapy, you are treating the cause for a long-lasting solution