FAQ Osteopathy

<ques>What does the osteo near me do? </ques>
<response>Your local osteotreats problematic joints, muscles and the spine using physical manipulation and techniques such as:
a. Massage
b. Spinal adjustments
c. Dry needling
d. Stretching
e. Pressure application
f. Resistance exercises and training </response>
<ques>How does osteopathy work? </ques>
<response>Osteopaths believe that if the body works together as a whole, good health and functionality may be achieved. Accordingly, they use their hands-on techniques to improve circulation and correct errors in our skeletal systems. This means that practitioners examine how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation are affecting your health and wellbeing. This helps them diagnose your condition and the state of your wellbeing better. Osteos then use their hands to treat you and ultimately prevent illness and injury. Osteoprovides natural pain relief and has proven to help many problems, including tennis elbow, migraines, menstrual pain, digestive issues and muscular and joint pain. </response>

<ques>How long will it take for the osteopath near me to make a difference? </ques>
<response> Each patient’s level of injury or pain varies and hence, it is difficult to consider a generic time frame within which one may start reaping the benefits of osteopathic treatment. However, to put things in perspective for prospective patients, one can consider an average of 7-8 weeks before they start seeing concrete results.</response>

<ques>Is osteopathy only for athletes or very fit/active individuals? </ques>
<response>Osteopathy sounds like it is meant for osteoporosis or a serious medical conditions, but this is not the case. Osteopathy helps regular people with regular lives and desk jobs just as much as it helps the pro athlete. It can even help with common issues like lack of sleep, digestive problems and headaches. </response>