FAQ Massage

<ques> How can Massage help me? </ques>
<response> Remedial massage therapy seems to be available around every corner. For this reason, we often choose remedial massage therapists spontaneously without completely understanding what it is or what it is good at treating. In fact, it wasn’t until I tried different types of massage that I realized that remedial massage is more beneficial for me than deep tissue massage </response>

<ques> Is remedial massage right for me? </ques>
<response> Remedial massage is great for people with damaged, knotted or immobile muscles and tendons. Unfortunately, some people confuse remedial massage therapy with deep tissue massage. This means that they miss out on the benefits of remedial massage because they are afraid it will be too firm for them like deep tissue. However, in reality, they are actually two different styles of treatment. It’s worth noting that remedial massage may involve firm pressure. However, when performed properly, remedial massage can vary in degree of strength and shallowness. So it can be deep and firm or shallow and soft. This works well for me because my pain tolerance varies from day to day! </response>

<ques> Tell me about the therapist </ques>
<response> Qualified remedial massage therapists employ a holistic approach to treatment. This means they take your lifestyle into consideration and the reason behind the pain or symptom. This allows your therapist to heal both the symptom and underlying cause. Experienced remedial massage therapists will use mechanical action and reflex action during your massage. Essentially, mechanical action involves pressure and stretching techniques. These techniques are applied to muscle and deep tissues to help reduce stiffness and loosen muscles. In contrast, reflex action occurs when one part of the body affects another part. This is kind of like when your doctor taps your knee and your legs jumps up. This means that remedial massage therapists may massage one part of the body to cure a problem located in another part. A common example is massaging the lower back to assist with pain in the leg </response>

<ques> Remedial massage therapy remedies </ques>
<response> “Remedial massage isn’t just great for neck pain and managing those pesky tension headaches. The benefits of this modality are numerous. From correcting physical issues to improving posture, remedial massage may be exactly what you need! </response>