FAQ Life Coaching Melbourne

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1. How much does a life coach cost in Melbourne?

Rates for life coaching in Melbourne varies depending on many factors. You’ll find that the prices for counsellors in Melbourne start at a minimum of $150 per session.

2. Is it worth getting a life coach?

If you’re considering this question: should I look for a life coach near me – it is likely that you are ready to consult a life coach. Most people do not think about life coaching until they have tried their best to arrive at a solution by themselves, or after working with friends, family or partners. If you’re looking for a life coach psychologist Melbourne has plenty of options, and it will certainly be worthwhile to consider getting one.

The difference between trying to solve long-standing issues by yourself/with the help of your loved ones and consulting a life coach is that a life coach has studied the science of arriving at a solution for you. While those in your life love you and want the best for you, they are not qualified to help with some things.

A life coach will be able to get you to where you want to go, faster and more effectively.

3. What problems do life coaches solve?

Life coaching in Melbourne can help you with the following areas:

  • Professional life: Are you thinking of making a big career change? Are you unable to decide on prioritising starting a family over work? Are you finding it hard to strike a work-life balance? Is work stress affecting your health and relationships? Are you working in a toxic workplace? Do you want to feel more motivated about work? A life coach can help you analyse these questions and arrive at a solution that works for you.
  • Personal life: Are you in a relationship that is bad for you? Are you unable to prioritise your mental or physical health over your other commitments? Does your family/parents/siblings drive you mad? Are you finding it hard to stay committed to your partner? Are you always getting into the same kind of toxic disagreements with friends? A life coach can help you understand why these things happen and help you create a better way to live.

Life coaching in Melbourne helps you set goals that will make you happier and will work with you to define a path to get there.

If you’re looking for a life coach in Sydney or an Adelaide life coach Avaana can help

4. What should I ask a life coach?

You can ask a life coach anything! If you’re looking for life coach psychologist Melbourne has many options but do remember that there is only so much that a life coach can do. They can guide you, help you dig into your emotions and thoughts, and offer possible solutions. But their best efforts will not work if you are irregular with sessions, do not commit to working on the tasks outlined in the sessions, or are not completely honest with them

5. Are life coaches covered by health insurance?

There are many factors that influence this answer. If you have a diagnosed condition or a prescription and are working with a life coach who is certified as a counsellor or psychologist, then the cost may be covered. Life coaches who do not have the required qualifications may not be covered by your health insurance. Do check with your healthcare plan provider before you make a booking to avoid any surprises