FAQ Life Coaching Adelaide

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1. How can a life coach help me?

A life coach can help you identify issues or mindsets that are holding you back or affecting the quality of your life. A life coach in Adelaide may focus exclusively on relationship or interpersonal issues while some will help you with career decisions or health issues.

A life coach can help you with the following questions:

  • Why am I unable to get out of a relationship that makes me unhappy?
  • Why am I always fighting with my sister/father/children?
  • Should I make a big job change at this stage in my career?
  • Why do I find it so hard to say no if I don’t want to do something?
  • Why am I so unmotivated about work?

If you’re feeling stuck or as if you aren’t living up to your full potential, a life coach can help you understand why this is the case, and will help you create a list of things you can do to solve your problems. If you think you need help managing anger or rage issues, read about how to get the right treatment on our blog.

2. What is the cost of a life coach in Adelaide?

Rates for an Adelaide life coach usually start at $150 per session. This depends on a number of factors. Do note that your life coach session may not be covered by your insurance plan. If you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and are seeing an Adelaide life coach who is also a counsellor or psychologist, then the cost may be covered. Do check with your insurance provider before you make a booking.

3. Can’t I solve my problems myself?

Of course you can, and that is exactly what a life coach will push you to do. They will guide you through the pros and cons of any decision, but they cannot solve your problems for you. A life coach is simply a clear, impartial advisor to help understand what the best course of action is for you.

Think of it as learning how to swim. While you could learn this yourself or get a friend to teach you, a swimming coach will be able to teach you the right techniques and help you learn faster and more effectively.

You may also believe that your loved ones are better able to help you than a stranger. However while your friends and family love you and know you very well, they may not be able to see a situation clearly and may be influenced by their past relationship with you. A life coach has the experience to help you define a path for yourself without the baggage of a relationship with you.

Read more about the harmful myths surrounding mental health and see how they could be harming you.

4. What happens when I first meet a life coach?

You can book an online session with an Adelaide life coach so that you can meet online on a video call. Some life coaches prefer an in-person meeting because it helps to establish a trusting client-coach relationship.

When you set up a session with a life coach in Adelaide, you should expect to answer questions like:

  • What made you book this session?
  • What do you hope to achieve after we have completed a few sessions?
  • What is the timeline you are looking at to achieve your goals?
  • Why do you feel the need to consult a life coach?

You should be completely honest in your sessions with your life coach. An Adelaide life coach provides a listening ear and is free from agenda or motive. All he or she wants is to help you become a happier and more satisfied version of yourself.

If you’re looking for a life coach in Melbourne or a life coach in Sydney Avaana can help.

5. Is an Adelaide life coach qualified to prescribe medicine?

There are no academic qualifications required to become a life coach in Australia. This means that a life coach in Adelaide is not medically qualified to prescribe medicines or courses of treatment. The limit of their service is to help you create a list of goals or tasks to help you achieve your goals.

This does not mean that life coaching cannot make a difference to you. If you think you will require medication or have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, it is recommended that you consult a therapist or psychologist instead. Find out more about the different types of therapy.

It is a good decision to consult a life coach if you feel your life has been stagnant for a while, or if you feel like you are stuck in a rut. It can help you deal with issues that are getting in the way of your success or happiness. If you book a session with a life coach in Adelaide, you’ll be helped on your way to make decisions, set goals and work on building better relationships and a more satisfying life.