FAQ Chiropractor Melbourne

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1. What should I expect during my first chiropractic appointment?

Your first chiropractic appointment in Melbourne will likely start with you explaining your discomfort, lifestyle and overall wellbeing to your chiropractor. After understanding your needs and discussing their thoughts with you, your chiro will create a treatment plan for you. It is important that you are open and honest with your chiropractor and are comfortable airing any concerns or asking any questions you have at your session.

2. What is a ‘chiropractic adjustment’?

A chiropractic adjustment involves the use of manual pressure to correct or improve the movement of your spine. The aim is to return your body to a more comfortable and natural position.

3. Is it normal to hear loud cracks during an adjustment?

While some chiropractic clients don’t hear this sound, when you do it can sound alarming because it isn’t something which is familiar sounding. Some people are concerned that it’s the sound made by two bones coming into contact with each other. But this is not the case! The sound is simply a result of gas being released between your joints. Sometimes the popping can sound loud in the neck region -though this is usually because your neck is closer to your ears.

4. Does it hurt to get an adjustment?

Adjustments are not designed to be painful. They should provide you with relief. However, in some cases, people may experience soreness after an adjustment. This soreness is often temporary and considered a normal part of the chiropractic process. Your chiropractor may advise you to place heat directly on the affected areas to ease your muscles and reduce soreness. Think of it kind of like going to the gym after a long time and feeling achey.

5. How long after an appointment does it take before I start feeling better?

This will vary from person to person. While some people report almost instant relief after their appointment, others may take a week or two (perhaps more) to feel better. If you have been given a treatment plan that requires subsequent visits and/or the incorporation of lifestyle or behavioural modifications, for example, it stands to reason that you may not instantaneously feel better after one session. But the most important thing is that you have taken your first step in the right direction to bettering your health and wellbeing through chiropractic care in Melbourne.

6. Is chiropractic care covered by Medicare?

Yes. Medicare will cover up to 5 chiropractic visits with a GP referral.

7. Do I need a medical referral to make my chiropractic booking in Melbourne?

You only need a medical referral if you wish to claim your chiropractic visits through Medicare. Otherwise, you are free to make a booking with a Melbourne practitioner at your convenience.

8. Is it safe to visit a chiropractor while pregnant?

While we always advise speaking to your healthcare professional first, it is not uncommon for pregnant women and new mums to receive chiropractic care.

9. How should I find a chiropractor in Melbourne?

Back pain can be incredibly disruptive for your life and career. More and more Aussies are citing back pain as a chronic condition that affects their personal and professional lives, but finding a solution is not always easy. Booking a session with a chiropractor in Melbourne is a great alternative to painkillers and may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking for the best chiropractor Melbourne has plenty of options to offer. If you find yourself thinking – Are there good chiropractors near me – Avaana has a long list for you to choose from.

Book your appointment at a clinic that is close to you so that you can attend regular sessions. You should check that your chosen chiropractor in Melbourne is nationally registered and qualified.

Depending on your insurance plan, a session with a registered chiropractor in Melbourne should be covered too. Do check all of the above to make sure you’re getting the best treatment.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Adelaide or a chiropractor in Sydney Avaana can help.

10. How can a chiropractor in Melbourne help me?

A chiropractor in Melbourne is qualified to offer you a range of treatment options for your back conditions, including massage, exercise or lifestyle recommendations, heat or cold therapy, and ultrasound or laser treatment.

Apart from back pain, many other conditions are covered by your chiropractor in Melbourne. This includes vertigo, insomnia, migraines and stiff joints. The best chiropractor Melbourne clinics also offer therapy for pregnancy-related pain or sports injuries.