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Ayurvedic diet & dosha types: a beginner’s guide

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Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of traditional medicine with an emphasis on prevention and a focus on mind-body synergy to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. According to ayurvedic principles, each individual is born with a specific combination of three life energies called doshas. This combination of kapha, vata and pitta doshas determines your […]

Acupuncture Allied Health Dry Needling

Pinpoint your pain with dry needling and acupuncture

dry needling, acupuncture, TCM, acupuncturist, physio, physiotherapist, Avaana

While many of us have had, or at least heard of, acupuncture, we are less familiar with dry needling. Like acupuncture, the practice involves the insertion of needles into different points in the body. The aim is to restore good energy flow and thus, good health. As a form of physiotherapy, dry needling has a […]

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine

Exploring the ancient art of Chinese medicine: acupuncture

acupuncture, TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, natural therapy, alternative therapy, needles, Avaana

When we’re in pain, unwell or not quite right, most of us head straight to the medicine cabinet. We treat the symptoms and feel ‘okay’ again, but we don’t address the root of the problem. Instead of going for a quick fix next time you’re unwell, why not try acupuncture? Acupuncture is a form of […]