Avaana FAQ

<ques>How can I find a suitable service as quickly as possible</ques>
<response>We recommend you start here. You’ll be able to search for health and wellbeing services near you. You can also search according to the symptoms you want to treat. All the information you need before booking an appointment will be shown to you such as price, location and practitioner availability.</response>
<ques>Which locations do you cover</ques>
<response>We cover locations across much of Australia.  Bear in mind that city locations such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are likely to offer the greatest range of wellbeing services for you to choose from.</response>
<ques>Why should I trust Avaana</ques>
<response> Great question! Here are a few reasons that make trusting Avaana a whole lot easier:
● 1200+ trusted practitioners
● 20+ categories of both modern and ancient therapies for mind, body and soul
● Same-day and next-day appointments are available
● Real-time, instant bookings with your provider of choice
● SMS confirmation for your appointment
● Free cancellation</response>
<ques>What’s your refund policy</ques>
<response>Of course, our aim is to make sure you have a great experience so no refund is needed!
But if you do experience an issue, you can speak with our support team. They will assist you to reschedule or refund your appointment.
<ques>How can I get in touch or ask a question</ques>
<response>Please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]
You can also speak with us on live chat.</response>
<ques>Can I join Avaana as a health or wellbeing provider</ques>
<response>Yes you can — it’s free to join and list your business! You can do so here </response>