Avaana FAQ

<ques> Why choose Avaana </ques>
<response>Our focus is to help you in your wellness journey </response>
<ques> Where do we start</ques>
<response>You can look up for providers based on symptoms, services, fitness goals in our site and get all the info before booking an appointment</response>
<ques> Tell us about your refund policy </ques>
<response>We cover most of service issues and provide you refund or reschedule if any of the service issues come up
<ques> Which locations do you cover</ques>
<response>We cover all providers providing health related services in Australia </response>
<ques> How can we get in touch</ques>
<response>you can contact us at [email protected] </response>
<ques>What services can be booked on Avaana</ques>
<response>We address over 25 different services covered under Mind, Body, Fitness and Natural </response>
<ques>How can I join Avaana as a provider </ques>
<response>It’s free. You can sign up on our site (List your business) and Avaana helps you book new clients and you’re only charged when you get a booking, not just a lead. With just a simple one-off commission on an appointment </response>